Egypt: Wearing “Hotpants” inside a polling station shall lead to exclusion of your vote


An Egyptian official demanded on Tuesday, that women wearing “hotpants” in polling stations should lose their right to vote for this month’s parliamentary elections. The al-Sisi government intervenes repeatedly with questionable decrees in the privacy of its own citizens.

During a press conference, government adviser Refaat Komsan, presented his ideas for the procedure to vote “respectfully” in accordance with the rules for an election, thus, women shall lose their right to vote in case they wear “hotpants” inside of a polling station.

“Women who decided to wear hotpants, shall be denied access to the polling booths, especially in upper Egypt,” he said.

Just a week ago, the Egyptian Electoral Commission announced that women wearing a niqab, also known as full-face veil, are denied the right to vote during an election.

The parliamentary elections in Egypt are divided into two sections from 18 to 19 October and from 22 to 23 November.

According to the news agency “World Bulletin”, the forthcoming parliamentary elections are part of a legitimation process on behalf of the military elite within the country, which has returned to power during a military coup in mid-2013.


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