Large-scale offensive against ISIS in Mosul? US-Forces stationed in Northern Iraq


US-Soldiers have been stationed at a military-base in northern Iraq, according to reports released by the Iraqi defense-and security committee. The troops have been stationed in preparation for a large-scale offensive against the “Islamic State” in Mosul, after air-strikes have shown little significance against the terrorist group in the region.

According to Nayef el-Schammari, 90 US American soldiers have been stationed at the military base in Makhmur, south-west of the Kurdish city of Arbil. The “central-government of Iraq and the city council of Mosul will decide, if US-American soldiers will participate in the military operation to re-take the second largest city of the country.”

The Pentagon, however, refused the claims made by the Iraqi government. According to a press-spokesperson:

“US-American troop are not in Iraq for direct-military actions. The purpose is to train, advice and to assist local security-forces only.”

Nevertheless, el-Schammari stated to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, that US-Forces are in coordination with the “Iraqi central-government, the Kurdish regional-authorities and coalition forces.”

The city of Mosul in northern-Iraq has been taken over by “Islamic State” militants last year in June. Since months, experts await an offensive on the city, led by pro-Iranian Shiite-militias, Kurdish Peshmerga and government forces. The anti-IS-coalition troops have been making slow advances towards the city, within the past few months.

In other cities such as Baiji and Ramadi, intensive skirmishes have been on-going. The coalition troops have been struck back successfully by “Islamic State” militants.


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