Iran: Sentenced to prison for photo with Azerbaijani flag


A young man from South Azerbaijan was arrested by the Iranian judiciary for being photographed flying the flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Mohammad Tamaddon, a young man from the city of Urmia and some other persons were arrested by the Iranian police when they were photographed flying the flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan during a football match four years ago in 2013.

The Iranian judiciary accused them of „making propaganda against the Islamic government and supporting separatist groups“.

Mohammad Tamaddon was sentenced to six months in prison. On Friday, the portal Araz News reported that Tamaddon was taken a few days ago to the central prison in Urmia, the capital of the province of West Azerbaijan in Iran, to serve his sentence.

Araz News, which is regarded as a portal for Azerbaijani activists in Iran, writes that Tehran exerts great pressure on non-Persian and non-Shiite communities.

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