Iraq: Turkmen deprive Kurds of power in Kirkuk – Take over of key positions


Turkmen officials take over three Kurdish posts in the Ministry of Health of Kirkuk Province. Turkmen reclaim historical influence. Meanwhile, two Turkmen party offices were attacked with grenades on Saturday.

Since the Iraqi armed forces and the predominantly Shiite popular mobilization forces (al-Hash al-Schaabi) regained control of the oil-rich province from Kurdish militias on 16 October, dozens of Kurdish officials supported by Erbil have also been removed from their posts, including former Kirkuk governor Najmaldin Karim.

Nureldin Bayiz Rasool, Head of Administration, Finance and Legal Affairs, Hemin Fajik, Director of Operations and Emergency Medicine and another Kurdish doctor were replaced by three Turkmen officials, according to a report by Kurdistan24.

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Attacks against Turkmen party offices

Two offices of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) were attacked by unknown attackers, in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk on Saturday, the local police said. Speaking to the news agency Anadolu, the Chief of Police of Kirkuk Hattap Omer said that two attacks on two separate ITF offices were carried out by armed, unidentified persons in Musalla district.

Omer said there were no casualties in the attack, but there was material damage. The attackers used missile grenades. Investigations by the counter-terrorism police continue.

Sources close to Baghdad claim that a group under the name of „White Flags“ could be behind the attacks. It would be supported by the Kurdish KDP from Erbil. Kurdish Islamists and former members of the „Islamic State“ are said to have joined forces to target the Turkmen in Kirkuk, who allied themselves with the pro-Iranian al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia. This has not yet been confirmed by Eurasia News.

According to Turkmen figures, there are currently 3.5 million Turkmen living in Iraq. The capitals of the Turkmen of Iraq are the cities Kirkuk and Mossul. The Iraqi Turkmen speak several South Azerbaijani dialects and use modern Turkish-Turkish as a written language.

Below you will find the documents for the removal of Kurdish officials:

Source: Kurdistan24




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