Macedonian Turks celebrate Turkish language day


Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister stressed on Thursday in Macedonia, on the occasion of the „Turkish Language Day“, that Turkey continues to work for the protection of the Turkish language throughout the world.

Hakan Çavusoglu was in the Macedonian capital Skopje to celebrate the day of the Turkish language, which was celebrated on 21 December. At the ceremony, he said:

„Turkey will continue its activities to protect the Turkish language not only in the Balkans but worldwide.“

He said that without protecting the language, neither Turkish culture nor traditions could be preserved.

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Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev congratulated the Turkish community in Macedonia on Turkish language day and said the ceremony was a sign of friendship between Turkey and Macedonia.

Meanwhile, the ethnic Turkish politician and former Minister Furkan Cako has been appointed as a member of the Macedonian Security Council chaired by President Gyorgi Ivananov. The Security Council also includes President Talat Jaferi, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister of Parliament, Radmila Schekerinska, Minister of Defense, Oliver Spasovski, Minister of the Interior, Nikola Dimitrov, Dr. Jovan Donev and Naser Seydini. Cako co-founded the Institute for Strategy and Development. Turkey is also donating EUR 1.5 million to the Macedonian army as a support package.

Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and has been a candidate country for EU membership since 2005. Shortly after Macedonia’s declaration of independence, Turkey was one of the first countries to recognise its sovereignty.



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