Merkel’s advisor wants good relations with Turkey again


Peter Altmaier hopes that an intensified dialogue between Berlin and Ankara will provide solutions to current problems.

The solution of the problems between Germany and Turkey is in the interest of both parties and the officials of both countries continue the discussions on concrete questions, said Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday.

Peter Altmaier, a high-ranking CDU politician who heads the Chancellor’s Office and acts as Federal Minister for Special Tasks, commented on the German-Turkish relationship during a visit to the Turkish Embassy in Berlin.

„2017 was a difficult year for German-Turkish relations. Now we are talking and discussing very specific issues with our colleagues. We all have an interest in finding solutions“, he told reporters at the embassy, where he visited a photo exhibition on Ottoman-German relations in the 19th century.

Altmaier emphasized that Germany and Turkey have a history of relations spanning more than one hundred years and called the exhibition a good example of their manifold relations.

„Despite political differences between Berlin and Ankara, Turkey is an important country for Germany on several foreign and domestic issues.
As Europeans, we have an interest in working with Turkey to contribute to peace and stability in the Middle East“, the CDU politician added.


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