Syria: Several villages around Jarablus captured by FSA forces


The Free Syrian Army (FSA) liberated a string of villages in northern Syria from the hold of the terror groups „Islamic State“ and the Syrian wing of the Kurdish PKK. An FSA commander announced this on Sunday.

The FSA field commander, who spoke to the Anadolu news agency under the condition of anonymity, informed about eight villages within a 20 kilometer’s range around Jarablus having been seized from the PKK. He added that seven YPG-fighters had been arrested and that the FSA troops managed to seize a huge amount of ammunition.

A battle map from front situation in Jarablus enclosed:

Source: Twitter/ Archicivilians

Source: Twitter/ Archicivilians

The Office of the Turkish Prime minister talks about an even higher amount of villages captured by the pro-turkish opposition forces. The government source indicates that 10 villages around Jarablus and three more parishes around al-Rai are now under control of the FSA. The Turkish-led military operation „Shield of Euphrat“, which started on Wednesday, aims to strengthen security in the region, to support the Anti-IS-coalition und to limit the terror threat against Turkey that originates from the PKK and the IS.


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