Syrian Turkmen-leader: We might fight IS in el-Bab


Turkish soldiers carry out military operations against the terror group „Islamic State“ with help of local Turkmen militias. In view of the recent developments around Jarablus the head of the Syrian Assembly of Turkmens gave the Turkish news website Ajans Haber an exklusive interview.

The Turkmen official Emin Bozoglan told Ajans Haber, that the units of the Free Syrian Army might approach with Turkish help towards IS-held city el-Bab. But before dozens of IS-fighters fled from Jarablus and the surrounding region, that the Turkish army and FSA started on Wednesday to liberate, they already deployed heavy military equipment in el-Bab. But Bozoglan also said: „However, this might be a tricky task.“

The fight against the terror group „Islamic State“ will be not easy in el-Bab. In el-Bab live 63.000 people in comparison to Jarablus, where roughly about 20.000 live. Media reports suggest, that IS started to fortify the city in late July. Moreover IS deployed major arillery units last week in the city, which came from Jarablus. He mentioned:

„IS will fight in el-Bab more effective.“

Nevertheless Bozoglan is confident about a success in north Aleppo against IS. He said:

„The entry of Turkey in Jarablus is the first step towards peace in the country. We as the Syrian Assembly of Turkmens cooperate with the Free Syrian Army. We stand on the side of the opposition.“

In the north of the province of Aleppo live a huge Turkmen population. I am talking about a region, that is inhabitated by about 400.000 people. The region between Azez and Jarablus is ruled by IS at least since 2014. The terror organization does not just threaten Syrian soil. It also threatens the Turkish border security and regions.

Regarding the growing tensions between Turkish troops and the PKK-affiliated Syrian YPG he said:

„We want to force back all kind of terror organizations. And we expect to become part of peace negotiations over the future of Syria. If the negotiations would start today, they will continue for years.“

Finally Ajans Haber asked the Turkmen politician about the recent offensive by al-Assad government troops in the Turkmen mountains in the province Latakia. Bozoglan admitted, rebels just control three to four Turkmen villages in the region.


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