Top advisor: Turkey and Azerbaijan contribute to the development of the region


Turkey and Azerbaijan are strengthening their political and economic relations, praised Yalcin Topcu, chief advisor to the Turkish President, on Friday the relations between the Turkic states.

He pointed out that the two fraternal countries develop their cultural and social ties, while at the same time seeking political and economic rapprochements.
An important project such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which Azerbaijan is carrying out together with Turkey, will contribute to the development of the region“, Topcu added.

The recently inaugurated Baku-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Kar railway will undoubtedly increase the trading and transport capacity of all three countries involved – Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. The train will carry one million passengers and 6.5 million tonnes of freight for the time being. Later, the capacity will be increased to 17 million tons of freight per year. Two trains have already been sent from Kazakhstan to Mersin, a city in the south of Turkey.

In the period from January to September 2017, trade turnover between the two Turkish states amounted to 1.96 billion US-Dollars, a significant increase over the same period last year.

Trade and economic relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan are based on more than 40 intergovernmental documents aimed at the further development of economic cooperation.


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