Turks from West Thrace and Bulgaria are allowed to study for free in Turkey


On Thursday, Turkey decided to waive tuition fees for students from Turkish minority communities in Bulgaria and Greece’s western Thrace.

Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Cavusoglu announced the decision when he received Ibrahim Sharif, Chairman of the Advisory Council of West Thrace, and his delegation to the Cankaya Palace, the Prime Minister’s Office in Ankara.

Cavusoglu said that the Higher Education Council and the Presidency of the Council for the Turks abroad and the Associated Communities (YTB) have taken the decision to drop tuition fees for Turkish minorities in Bulgaria and Greece.

Once the Ministry of National Education has signed the document, it will be submitted to the Cabinet for approval,“said the Minister.

He added that there are currently 16,000 international students studying at educational institutions in Turkey and the government wants to increase this number through more scholarships.

Minister Hakan Cavusoglu, who was born and raised in West Thrace himself, emphasised that he will, on behalf of the Turkish Government, support the professional and economic development of the Turkish people in the region.

Around 145,000 Muslim Turks live in the West Thrace region of Greece.


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